This specification covers design, manufacture, testing and supply of Industrial Control stations.



All materials, equipment and accessories shall conform to latest edition of relevant Indian standards, some of which are listed below:


IS 2147:                    Degree of Protection provided by enclosures for low voltage switchgear

                                    and Control gear.


IS 6875:                    Push buttons and related control switches.



IS 694:                      PVC insulated cables (for voltages up to 1100 volts) with copper

(PART I)                  conductors.


IS 4794:                   Push button switches.


IS 1248:                   Direct acting indicating analogue electrical measuring instruments

                                   and their accessories.


IS 1336:                   Recommendations for the colour of push buttons.





Local control station shall be cast iron / cast aluminum enclosure as specified in the datasheet with IP55 protection. For outdoor use enclosure of local control station shall

Be weatherproof & shall be provided with canopy.


Enclosure door shall be bolted type with no component mounted on it except the push

button / selector switch operating knobs. Contact elements shall be mounted inside/ on

the base of control station. Suitable cutout with cemented clear glass shall be provided

on the door for Ammeter.


Padlocking facility for the stop pushbutton to be provided on the front plate if specified.



Suitable for connection of 2.5 mm² aluminum / copper conductors. Terminal design

must ensure secure & vibration – proof connections. Terminals for each push button to

be brought out separately into terminal chamber.



Enclosure of local control station shall be provided with external fixing lugs.



Enclosure of local control station shall be provided with two nos. external earth terminals each complete with 2 plain and one spring washers, and a nut.



Enclosure of all local control stations shall be provided with two cable entries ¾” E.T. at bottom unless specified otherwise. One entry to be blocked with rubber grommet.




Push buttons and other components required for local control station shall be as per data sheet.



Push buttons element shall have 1 NO & 1 NC momentary (unless specified otherwise in data sheet) type contacts of rating 5A, 500 V AC. The knobs of start and stop push buttons shall be green and red in colour respectively. All stop push buttons shall have stay put feature and mushroom knobs.               



Ammeters shall be CT operated (CT provided elsewhere) with 1 Amp. CT secondary rating. All ammeters shall be Industrial grade ‘A’ accuracy and shall have a basic range of 0-1/6 with suppressed scale for 1-6. Calibration will be as per data sheets. Ammeters shall conform to IS 1248.



Indicating lamps shall be low burden filament type / neon / LED with bayonet cap. Lamp cover shall be glass or other equivalent unbreakable material.



Selector switches shall be cam type, spring loaded with rating and other details as per purchase data sheet.




Local control stations shall be completely wired up to terminals with 2.5 sq.mm. Copper conductor PVC insulated cables. Wiring shall be carried out as per Contractor’s wiring diagrams, where furnished. A terminal block to be provided for connection of external cables.


Terminals to be clamp type and suitable for 2.5 sq. mm. conductor. Ample space to be provided between gland plate and terminals.



All metal surfaces shall be thoroughly cleaned and degreased to remove scale, rust, grease and dirt. Fabricated structures shall be pickled and then rinsed to remove any trace of acid. The surface shall be prepared by applying a coat of phosphate paint and coat of yellow zinc chromate primer. The surface shall be made free from all imperfections before undertaking the finishing coat.


After preparation of the surface, it shall be powder coated with two coats of epoxy based final paint. Colour shade of final paint shall be as specified in datasheet. The finished panels shall be dried in stoving ovens in dust free atmosphere. Panel finish shall be free from imperfections like pinholes, orange peels, runoff paint etc.


All unpainted steel parts shall be cadmium plated or suitably treated to prevent rust formation. If these parts are moving elements then they shall be greased.




Each control stations to be provided with rear engraved Perspex nameplates with white

Letters on black background. (Inscription details will be furnished separately).


Push buttons switches, indicating lamps etc. to be provided with legend plates giving their respective function.




Drawings and Test Certificates as stipulated in Vendor Document Requirements shall be furnished.


General Arrangement drawing showing all dimensions, cable entry details, earthing terminals, mounting arrangement etc. shall be furnished for Owner / consultant’s approval before manufacturing is started.




Vendor to make all arrangement to carryout the following tests:-

a)  Physical Inspection.      

b)  Operation test.

c)  Insulation test.

d)  H.V. test.


Purchaser reserves the right to inspect the control stations and witness the tests at manufacturer’s works.




The bidder shall provide with his quotation, separate priced list of recommended operation and maintenance spares.




Quality assurance shall follow the requirement of the “VAISHNO CFG” QA document applicable to local control stations concerned.


QA involvement will commence at bid stage and follow through to completion and acceptance, thus ensuring total conformity to Purchaser’s requirement.




Deviations from specifications must be stated in writing at the time of the bid stage. In the absence of such a statement it will be assumed that the requirements of the specification are met without exception.








VAISHNO CFG make Push Buttons, Selector Switches and Pilot Lamps are normally suitable for Control & Auxiliary circuits, A.C or D.C had been successfully proven performance in the field since 1979.

These devices have contact reliability, increased operational safety, compactness and reduced labour input.  The availability of two separate models of contact blocks-rear wire connection type for panel mounting, application and front wire connection type for base mounted and other features make them as ideal choice for panel builders and machining tools etc.

Salient Features:

  • Excellent flame resistance.
  • Self wiping ensures trouble free operation.
  • Interchangeable blocks provide multiple contact configurations at site.
  • VAISHNO CFG hall mark for precision & exacting quality and assurance for consistency & reliability.
  • Safe in operation, locking device unaffected by vibration.
  • Protection against electrical shock.

Push button and selector switches are available in chrome plated metallic body and bezel as well as in glass filled thermo plastic body and bezel and are functionally interchangeable.

The elements are interchangeable and can be stacked without additional hardware, 1 to 4 element (NO + NC) can be used with push buttons and selector switches. For illuminated Push buttons 1 or 2 (NO + NC) be used.

The pilot lights and illuminated switches are suitable for direct supply or series resistor supply, using bayonet cap filament bulb type BA-9S and for both AC/DC supply ranges from 6V to 220V.

Indicating lights with switching device and integral LED modules can be directly mounted on panel and rated voltage can be directly applied to the module input. These are available in standard and barrel type enclosure in Thermoset (DMC) and Thermoplastic housing for AC/DC supply.

Compact 22.5mm Diameter: The small mounting diameter reduces mounting space by 30% as compared to conventional 30.5mm design.


Energy Saver: 22.5mm devices require lamp with 2/2.6W instead of 7 to 10W lamps used in 30.5mm devices. This results in energy saving.


  • Standard conformity :                            IS 13947 (Part 5/ SEC-1)

1993& IEC 947-5-(1)1990.

  • Rated Thermal Circuit:                          10 A.
  • Rated Insulation voltage

For all Push Buttons and

Selector Switches excluding                 AC 500V, 50HZ.

Luminous Switches & Lamp                 DC 250V.


For illuminated                                          AC 250 V, 50HZ.

Switches & Lamp Holder.                       DC 250V.

  • Rated operational voltage                      AC 500V, 50HZ.

For contact blocks                                     DC 220V.

  • Electrical Ratings                                       AC 15=4A, 415VAC

IEC: 947-5-(1)-1990                                 DC 13=0.5A, 110V DC

With a time constant of

300 millisecond.

IS: 13947                                                      AC 15-4A, 415V AC

(Part 5 Sec-1) 1993                                  DC 13= 0.5A, 110V DC

With a time constant of

300 millisecond.

  • Mechanical life                                           Over 1million operations.
  • Electrical life                                               Depends on load current.
  • Switching frequency                                1200 cycles per hour.


  • Degree of Protection                                All Operating heads IP-65

According to IS: 2147                              Except mushroom key release

(1962) & IEC: 529                                     which is IP-54 Push Buttons with

Rubber shrouds IP-66.

  • Dielectric test voltage                              2.5KV for 1Min.
  • Operating temperature

Limit(except shrouds)

Non-illuminated units                            -25*C to 70*C.

Illuminated units.                                    -25*C to 50*C.

  • Operating Position                                   All positions.
  • Backup fuse rating

HRC type rated for                                   10A Cartridge fuse.

Resistive loading.

  • Terminal capacities                                   maximum 2×1.5 sq.mm or

1×2.5sq.mm minimum


  • Altitude                                                         <3000 M.
  • Terminal Marking                                      Dual marking system 1-2

For normally closed and 3-4

For normally open.

Categories in 22.5mm

  1. Indicating Lamp(Filament & LED)
    1. Barrel type.
    2. Square type
    3. Push Button.
      1. Flush.
      2. Protecting.
      3. Mushroom.
      4. Mushroom Stay put.
      5. Mushroom Stay put Jumbo.
      6. Mushroom key lockable.
      7. Luminous Push button
  1. Contact Element
    1. NO/NC.
    2. NO+NC.